1. Scope of application:

The use of a ticket (the “Ticket”) to access the TIBETAN BRIDGE CANILLO (TB) and / or the ROC DEL QUER VIEWPOINT (RQV), properties of the Municipality of Canillo (the “Owner”) with address in “Plaça Carlemany, AD100, Canillo”, and the conditions of admission to the Activities of the TB and the RQV (the “Activities”), will be subject to the following general terms and conditions (the “General Terms and Conditions”) established by the Owner.

  1. Acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions:

    Any person who buys, owns and / or uses a Ticket (the “Holder ofthe Ticket ”):
  2. Is required to have read, understood and accepted these General Terms and Conditions, and accept them in full and irrevocably.
  3. Declares that he has sufficient capacity to assume the previous point; in the case of a minor, he / she declares that he / she is represented by his / her legal representative or the accompanying adult.
  4. Assumes all the obligations set out here and undertake to comply, at all times, with the instructions provided on the websites, information posters and operating manual and also those provided by the staff assigned by the Municipality of Canillo to the management of the TB and the RQV.
  5. Assumes that failure to comply with any of the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions will entitle the Owner to automatically cancel the Ticket, and consequently to deny access to the TB and RQV to whoever carries it.

Some sections of these General Terms and Conditions will be reproduced briefly in the tickets.

  1. Specifics of the Ticket:

The Owner will issue three Tickets categories: TIBETAN BRIDGE CANILLO; ROC DEL QUER VIEWPOINT; TIBETAN BRIDGE CANILLO PACKAGE + ROC DEL QUER VIEWPOINT. In these General Terms and Conditions, if no precision is made, the term “Ticket” refers to any of the three categories of tickets (jointly or individually).

All Tickets are personal and non-transferable, and give access only to the activities indicated in the Ticket.

All minors must have a Ticket to access the seats and be accompanied by an adult with a Ticket.

For safety reasons, children under 12 must be accompanied by at least one adult.

It is strictly forbidden to sell, put up for sale, auction, resell, assign or give, under any title or circumstance, a Ticket without the formal consent of the Owner.

The Owner does not guarantee the authenticity of the Ticket if it has not been purchased or obtained through the official points of sale or distribution.

Once the Ticket has been issued, no changes or returns are accepted.

The Ticket Holder must keep it for the duration of the visit to the activities for verification purposes.

The Owner reserves the right to alter or modify the opening and closing times of the TB and the RQV or the bus line to get there; any claim in relation to this matter must be formalized before the Owner, with the presentation of the Ticket.

  1. Access to Activities and security:

When accessing the Activities, the Ticket Holder may be required to show his identity document and require the measures of any kind (health, security, etc.…) that determine the legality in force at any time and those which are considered appropriate. In any case, the Owner reserves the right of admission.

It is strictly forbidden to access the TB and RQV with motor vehicles, bicycles or other personal mobility vehicles.

It is forbidden to throw objects in the TB and RQV areas. Specifically, it is strictly forbidden to throw objects from the TB and the RQV.

Smoking and lighting are not allowed throughout the visit to the TB and RQV.

Access to TP activity with animals is prohibited. Access to RQV activity with animals is prohibited except for guide dogs.

For safety reasons, baby and child strollers and wheelchairs will not be able to access the TB as it is not adapted and could obstruct the passage in case of evacuation.

Access to activities with any object considered inappropriate and / or dangerous by the Owner will not be allowed.

It is strictly forbidden to climb on railings, cables and lean on the TB gratings or any other element of the installation.

It will not be allowed to tie any element other than the structure of the TB. In the event that this is done, the Owner will proceed to remove them and a penalty may result.

People who are afraid of heights and get dizzy or have any other pathology incompatible with the activity should avoid crossing the TB and accessing the RQV.

The Ticket Holder is responsible for ensuring, during the visit to the activities, for his personal safety and that of minors or other persons without legal capacity to act, or with limited capacity, who use Tickets for which the Ticket Holder is responsible; he also accepts any risks or dangers that he or these persons may run or experience by attending the activities of the TB and RQV, and waives any claim against the Owner related to these risks and dangers.

  1. Lost, stolen or damaged tickets:

The Owner will not refund any Ticket, regardless of the reason for the refund request, whether it is lost or theft and except as set out in point 6 below.

Ticket will only be valid if it is complete and in good condition, with no indication that it has been amended or falsified. The fact of altering or damaging the Ticket may mean the denial of access to the Activities.

For security reasons, the Owner is not obliged to issue duplicates of the Ticket, as the duplicates could give access to the activities to more users than the activities can accommodate in optimal security conditions.

  1. Cancellation of Activities:

In the event of cancellation of the Activities for any reason, only holders of a payment Ticket are entitled to a refund of the amount. The claim must be sent to the establishment where the ticket was purchased, according to the conditions established at the time of sale; the Ticket must be presented. Tickets to Activities that have been canceled cannot be exchanged for another day.

Adverse weather conditions do not entitle you to a refund of the amount of the Ticket unless the activity has been officially suspended for security reasons.

  1. Image rights, intellectual property and prohibitions relating to unauthorized advertising and other marketing activities:

The Ticket Holder may not use the tickets for commercial purposes, such as promotions or advertising activities, or use them as a prize or reward in contests, lotteries or incentive programs, unless the Owner expressly authorizes it. Failure to comply with this prohibition will entitle the Owner to claim damages.

In accordance with current legislation, the Owner may capture and publish images of the activities and the people who attend them in order to report on the activities in the communication channels he normally uses.

  1. Consignment and lost property service:

Activities do not have a left-luggage office.
The Owner is not responsible for any objects left in any place where the Activities are carried out.

Any object found in the Activities that has not been claimed within 48 hours will be considered abandoned and may be destroyed by the Owner.

  1. Access to the Activities of people with reduced mobility:

Access to the Activities is not adapted for people with reduced mobility. These are mountainous areas where there are insurmountable obstacles for people with reduced mobility.

  1. Privacy policy. Personal data:

In accordance with qualified Act 29/2021, of 28 October on Personal Data Protection, the user (User) is informed, as a person who provides his personal data (Personal Data) that these will become part of the file responsibility of the Municipality of Canillo, registered with the Andorran Data Protection Agency, which will be treated in accordance with the relevant regulations. The data will be used to communicate any initiative for promotional and advertising purposes of the tourist activities of Canillo (sporting, cultural and leisure events and activities, among others) through any information channel, in accordance with the express acceptance expressed at the time of data collection. The User is responsible for the veracity of the data provided and for communicating any modification; therefore, the Municipality of Canillo is exempt from any liability in this regard.

As user, you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, opposition, claim, portability, limitation, deletion and forgetfulness in relation to your data. These rights can be exercised by the user by sending a request to the email address dpd@canillo.ad or by post to Comú de Canillo (Plaça Carlemany, AD100 Canillo); it is necessary to include the name and surnames, an address for notification purposes, a photocopy of the national identity document or passport and the specific content of the right to be exercised.

For more information on the privacy policy see https://www.ponttibetacanillo.com

  1. Applicable legislation:

Any controversy or dispute related to any of the rights and obligations arising from these General Terms and Conditions will be resolved in accordance with Andorran law and before the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Principality of Andorra.